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PEBT Cards

If you should have any questions regarding the PEBT cards that have been issued go to the DHS-PEBT website: At the bottom of this website you will see the option:

What if I have not received my P-EBT or have an issue with my P-EBT?

Call the resource line at 484-363-2137 and leave a voicemail. Have the following information on hand when you call:

Names of your child(ren)

Child(ren) date(s) of birth

School or school district they attend

                                                                       Contact phone number

                                                                       Contact email address

                                                                       Current mailing address

A brief description of the issue submit and inquiry through DHS' P-EBT Inquiry Form. Please fill out as much information as possible on the form as this will help us to research your issue and try to resolve it.

These cards are not issued through the Pleasant Valley School District Food Service Department.  

National School Lunch Program
The National School Lunch Act was signed on June 4, 1946 by President, Harry S. Truman. The legislation came in response to claims that many American men had been rejected for World War II military service because of diet related health problems.
National School Breakfast Program
The School Breakfast Program was started by President, Lyndon B. Johnson on October 11, 1966 when he signed the Child Nutrition Act of 1966. It is a federally assisted meal program that provides nutrition balanced meals at low cost or free to children in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions.
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Lunch Time


 For the 2021- 2022 school year we will be offering free breakfast meals and lunch meals to the students at Pleasant Valley School District through SSO (Seamless Summer Option) closed site plan (Students are back to school 5 days a week).  The first meal is free; each additional meal will be charged the a la carte price.  Even though we are serving free breakfast and lunches, we encourage families to go on our website and fill out applications for free and reduced meals.  Free meals does not mean a student is free in the system, it only means they are receiving a free meal.   Students are eligible to receive only one free breakfast meal and free lunch meal per day.